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edcahoots provides individualized, ongoing, and intensive instruction to individuals with various types of learning challenges due to deficits in attention, processing, memory, or executive functions that may impact performance across subject areas and affect organization and study skills.

We analyze the social-emotional issues, academic struggles, and learning challenges affecting each student. We then define academic and psychoeducational goals based on areas of breakdown in learning constructs and explore the ways in which each student learns best. A treatment plan is developed, and educational therapy ensues in the context of a supportive learning environment. Self-advocacy and independence are fostered to help each student take control of his/her learning. Explicit teaching and assessment are used to help each student progress toward achievement of his/her specific academic and psychoeducational goals. Progress is monitored, and parents and other professionals are communicated with on an ongoing basis.

Educational Therapy is the marriage of education and psychology. A student cannot succeed without the motivation, drive, and skill set necessary to achieve one’s full academic potential. Likewise, education is not a one size fits all endeavor, so our role is to figure out how each student’s brain works in order to select appropriate and effective interventions to meet each student’s learning needs.

Our goal is to help students become confident and competent learners who are equipped to succeed in whatever endeavors they pursue.