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Just wanted to check in with you and let you know that I just finished reading Frankenstein and actually read every word! I actively read the whole time, I underlined quotes, I used post-it's, and did chapter summaries! Oh yeah, and I didn't fall asleep! So thank you for teaching me how to read more effectively because it's really helpful!

Our edcahoots therapist has been in constant touch with all the pertinent people at our child's school, gives us a daily breakdowns of his workload, and nurtures him with his executive functioning skills.

edcahoots has been a life raft to our Titanic. No more tears, no more stomach aches. They are teachers…teachers of life skills. These therapists are engaged and compassionate friends and mentors. If you want to turn your child's life around...run, don't walk, to their office.

Our edcahoots therapist has gone well beyond our expectations in terms of her commitment and skill in addressing our son's multiple challenges. She draws on a wide variety of modalities to create a seamless and fun experience for him, while remaining steadfastly focused on our agreed-upon learning goals.

In less than a year's time, we have seen our son go from being unwilling to put a couple of sentences together to writing stories and short books. We feel so supported by our edcahoots therapist, and we know that our son is so much better off for their work together. She is top of the line.

Our edcahoots therapist is a dedicated, thoughtful and passionate educator who brings much expertise and experience with her. She does a thorough job, not just teaching facts, but training our son to be prepared for whatever organizational, grammatical or formatting responsibilities he may encounter. At the same time, she encourages in our son a healthy self-awareness and pride in work, and expects him to do his best at every opportunity.